Yummy! Can we add doughnuts to the food guide pyramid?

Proper Nutrition is Vital for Preschool Children

Proper Nutrition is Vital for Preschool Children

“You are what you eat”, would you like a treat? Give me that doughnut!

You can picture this scene, can’t you? If it looks good and tastes good, it must be good for you right? This isn’t always the case as we all know very well, especially us adults.

Do your best during this summer break to keep your children on good eating habits. Chances are…if is is junk and it is in the house, it will be consumed! The hardest part is is keeping the consumption at a moderate level.  Here is a great article from WebMd.com about Good Nutrition for Preschool Children. Treats can be ok in moderation, because we all know that sometimes what is forbidden becomes what is desired. Treats should never substitute a proper meal of course. Some other “nuggets” of information from this article is to have family meals around the dinner time WITHOUT the distractions of entertainment and phones. Be “disconnected” and spend some time with the family at dinner time. Who knows, you might be able to have positive dialogue and build stronger, more positive relationships with your children.  Put the smartphones on DND, the TV off, and spend some time in conversation with the family.

Another key point to remember in teaching your children proper nutrition is that they are watching YOU…YOU are their role model. This will take some discipline on your part as well. “Eat your vegetables Johnny”…well Johnny better see his daddy eating them too!

Have a great summer!


Photo credit http://www.technology.org/2013/11/15/preschoolers-know-healthy-eating/
WebMd Preschool Nutrition Article http://www.webmd.com/parenting/features/serve-up-good-nutrition-for-preschool-children



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